Maximize Your Refund Before the ERC Deadline

Kelly Cohen
June 4, 2023

Maximize Your Refund Before the ERC Deadline

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a lifeline for numerous businesses that navigated the stormy waters of the pandemic. Eligible businesses can claim a significant tax credit by retaining employees during this period. However, there's a ticking clock— the ERC deadline.

Key Takeaways

  • ERC Deadline: For eligible quarters in 2020, it's April 15, 2024, and for 2021, it's April 15, 2025.
  • Program End: The ERC program ended on October 1, 2021, but claims can be made until the deadlines as mentioned earlier.
  • Claim Process: A simplified 3-step process to claim your ERC with New York Savings.

Understanding the ERC Deadline

The ERC deadline is pivotal as it's the gateway to harnessing the financial relief provided by this program. The deadline for the tax year 2020 is April 15, 2024, and for 2021, it's April 15, 2025. These deadlines were crafted considering the extended impact of the pandemic on businesses. The legislative milieu surrounding the ERC saw alterations with the American Rescue Plan Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, which further emphasized the importance of this financial reprieve.

With the deadline for 2020 being around the corner, it's imperative to act promptly. Engaging with the ERC claim process now can ensure you take advantage of this substantial financial relief.
  • Legislation Impact: The extensions and expansions under new legislation.
  • Claiming Post Program End: Even though the program ended on October 1, 2021, the claims window remains open until the deadlines.
  • Importance of Timely Filing: Delaying could mean missing out on potential financial relief.

How New York Savings Simplifies Your ERC Claims

Navigating tax credits and deadlines can be labyrinthine. However, New York Savings has streamlined this process into three straightforward steps.

Your ERC Journey Summarized

  • Eligibility Call: A brief call with ERC experts to determine your qualifications and estimate the expected amount.
  • Document Submission: Easy document uploads through our portal, guided paperwork, and thorough analysis to ensure a seamless process.
  • Refund Receipt: Hassle-free paperwork submission to the IRS and awaiting your check.

You may visit these links for more in-depth information on how we simplify the process: How it works? and FAQ

Why Choose New York Savings for Your ERC Claims

Entrusting your ERC claims process to New York Savings is a choice for peace of mind and financial security. Here’s why:

Your Benefits Summarized

  • Free Eligibility Check: Determine your qualifications at no cost.
  • 100% Contingency Basis: No upfront fees; we get paid only when your refund is secured.
  • Results Guarantee: Our reputation for delivering results is solid.
  1. Free Eligibility Check:
    Kickstart the process without any financial commitment by utilizing our free eligibility check.
  2. 100% Contingency Basis:
    Experience financial relief without any risk. Our service operates on a 100% contingency basis, ensuring we only get paid when your refund is secured.
  3. Results Guarantee:
    Our proven track record of maximizing refunds speaks volumes. We thoroughly analyze all employees on your payroll during the relevant period to maximize your refund as best as possible.

As the ERC deadline approaches, taking action now is crucial to reclaim the financial relief you are entitled to. New York Savings is poised to assist you through every step of this journey, ensuring a hassle-free claim process. Your economic rebound from the pandemic adversities is within reach; seize this opportunity before the ERC deadline.