Claim Your Share: A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery Startup Business ERC with New York Savings

Jennifer Hudson
June 28, 2023

Claim Your Share: A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery Startup Business ERC with New York Savings

Recently, the financial landscape for new businesses has been significantly impacted due to the global pandemic. Recognizing the challenge, the U.S. government extended the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) to "recovery startup businesses" under the American Rescue Plan 2021. This initiative aims to provide financial relief to new businesses that commenced operations post-February 15, 2020, amidst the economic adversities of the pandemic. The Recovery Startup Business ERC offers a lifeline to sustain operations and encourages employee retention during these testing times.

Key Takeaway

Key Aspect


ERC Extension

Aid for businesses started after Feb 15, 2020

Maximum Credit

Up to $50,000 per quarter, $100,000 in total for Q3 and Q4 of 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Avg. annual gross receipts of ≤ $1 million for the preceding three tax years

Claim Process

Claiming via original or adjusted employment tax return within specified dates

Eligibility and Claiming Process

Venturing into the specifics, the eligibility criteria for the Recovery Startup Business ERC hinges on the timeline of business establishment and the average annual gross receipts for the three tax years preceding the claim quarter. While seemingly daunting, the claiming process has been simplified and streamlined by New York Savings. The path to financial relief is clarified through a three-step process encompassing an eligibility call, document submission, and awaiting your refund.

  • List of Necessary Documents for Claiming ERC:
  • Employment tax returns.
  • Payroll records.
  • Business establishment documents.
  • Any additional financial documentation showcasing the economic impact on the business.

Client Testimonials

The tangible impact of the Recovery Startup Business ERC is best illustrated through the experiences of those who've navigated the process successfully. New York Savings has facilitated numerous businesses in claiming their rightful share of financial relief. The testimonials echo a sentiment of gratitude and satisfaction, underlining the process's transparency, reliability, and effectiveness.

The initial segment of this blog post lays a strong foundation for understanding the Recovery Startup Business ERC, its relevance to new businesses, and the streamlined claiming process facilitated by New York Savings. The critical takeaway table serves as a quick reference point for the pivotal information, ensuring readers grasp the core aspects of this financial relief initiative. The journey from understanding the eligibility criteria to hearing firsthand experiences from other business owners creates a pathway toward financial resiliency and sustains business operations during challenging economic times.

Understanding the Financial Impact

Delving deeper into the financial reprieve the Recovery Startup Business ERC brings, unraveling the monetary benefits in real terms is imperative. By offering up to $50,000 per quarter, this credit significantly alleviates the financial strain on new businesses, aiding employee retention and operational continuity.

  • Quantifying Financial Relief:
  1. Immediate cash refunds to manage operational costs.
  2. Facilitation of employee retention, promoting job security and economic stability.
  3. Easing the burden of payroll taxes, fostering a conducive environment for business growth.

Financial Takeaways

Financial Aspect


Cash Refund

Immediate relief for operational and payroll expenses


Job security and sustained workforce

Tax Offset

Reduced payroll tax liability


The journey to claiming the Recovery Startup Business ERC often comes with many questions. The FAQ section on New York Savings provides a reservoir of answers to common queries. From understanding eligibility despite remaining operational during the pandemic to the time frames covered by the ERC, this section demystifies the process and clarifies essential aspects of the credit.

  • How to Receive the ERC Refund:
  1. Submission of required documents.
  2. Approval and processing by the IRS.
  3. Receipt of refund checks based on qualifying quarters.


The Recovery Startup Business ERC has significantly bolstered the pathway to financial stability for new businesses amidst economic adversities. By understanding the eligibility criteria, the claiming process, and the financial relief it offers, companies are better positioned to navigate the economic tides. New York Savings is a reliable partner in this journey, offering a simplified process and expert guidance.

Action Item

Next Step

Check Eligibility

Utilize the eligibility check feature on New York Savings

Understand the Process

Go through the How it Works section on New York Savings

Get in Touch

Contact New York Savings for a personalized consultation on the ERC claiming process

The final segment of the blog post encapsulates the essence of the Recovery Startup Business ERC and the supportive role of New York Savings in this financial endeavor. The takeaway table, in conclusion, reinforces the action steps for readers, directing them toward the path of financial relief and business stability. The post educates and empowers recovery startup businesses to take proactive steps toward claiming the ERC by summarizing the critical points and providing a clear call to action.